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         • The Hummingbird is a stand alone unit, which is quick and easy for the operator to attach to the Mavic 2.
         • The operator stays safely on the ground and flies the drone up to the pallets.
         • All barcode scans are sent directly to the Hummingbird URL and can be downloaded onto the user’s PC/mobile device once the scans have been completed.
         • In large, FMCG distribution centres with let-down scanning, clients have reported a 20x increase in operator efficiency during inventory counts.
         • Important niche application for audit and collateral security companies managing the financing of stock.

          The previous Drone based payload, the Hadeda was attached to the DJI M100 Quadcopter. We have streamlined the payload to create our new product, the Hummingbird, which is designed to be attached to the Mavic 2.
          Like its namesake, this new product moves with agility, speed and the accuracy so critical to giving our customers the best service in their warehouses. Just as the Hummingbird has a remarkable ability to conserve energy, the battery and therefore flight time on the Mavic 2, with our new light payload is 15 minutes - 6 minutes longer than the original product.
          We have already seen an improvement in battery life with the change from the M100 to the Mavic 2. From an autonomy perspective, we still believe that the operator adds a lot of value to this system for interventions and intelligent use and battery changes

         • Longer scanning flight times
         • Ideal for early stage projects, validates drone usage in warehouses
         • Flexible and affordable package for partners
         • Minimal training to set up and use
         • Designed to provide performance scanning improvements of 20x
         • Flexible integration options


         • Barcode scanning only, no position information.
         • Tiny onboard screen showing Wi-Fi scanned count and other interesting information.
         • Similar barcode filters to the full version, but only one filter, note 4.
         • The HummingBird sets up its own Wi-Fi hotspot and “flying” website.
         • The operator fits the hardware to the Mavic and scans barcodes.
         • After scanning, the operator lands the drone but leaves it powered up (15-minute flight time).
         • The operator connects their cell phone/PC to the HummingBird hotspot and goes to the Hummingbird URL on the device (
         • A list of barcodes scanned can be downloaded from the HummingBird to their device.
         • Scanner filter settings can be changed using the same URL.
         • When a new battery is inserted into the drone, the scanned barcodes are cleared, but the filter settings are retained.