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            The Durasweep 115 B battery-powered ride-on sweeper is one of the most requested machines by the market. It is an extremely compact ride-on sweeper ideal for parking lots and industrial areas even with many obstacles. The central brush collects any type of dirt from dust, leaves, pieces of wood, up to the smallest size such as screws and nuts. The brush pressure can be adjusted mechanically and the manual flap opening gives a further guarantee of collection of the more voluminous waste. The hopper of 62 liters is designed with a wheelbarrow shape, to help you transfer the waste to the pre-established place for emptying.

    Durasweep 130 S

            There is only one way to ensure that large spaces are cleaned effectively and that is to become extremely efficient. This is why it is important to rely on the right equipment to automatically clean large surface areas with great ease. The Durasweep 130 sweeper can be used in the parking lots of shopping centres, airports, railway stations, and in any other meeting place that requires a clean and wellkept environment.


            GRANDE BRIO 35 is the perfect small walk-behind scrubber dryer for cleaning surfaces up to 1.050 m2, which allows you to get professional results quickly. The small walk-behind scrubber dryer Grande Brio 35 comes as an electrical cable or, to have more freedom of movement, it’s available as a battery version, which guarantees an autonomy of use of more than 1 hour.


            The compact GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 75 scrubber dryer born from the proven need to replace the bulky walk-behind scrubber-dryers. A lean solution, which offers you several advantages: economy of cost and use, comfortable and ergonomic use to lighten the workload and, the overall operating size restricted within the machine body only; all without compromising on performance and quality.


            The ride-on scrubber-dryer GRANDE BRIO RIDE ON 145 is the largest in the range by volume of water and cleaning track. With a working time-span of more than 4 hours, it also maintains the compactness and agility of the smaller versions. Soundproofing from noises allows you to work in congested spaces even during the day, without causing any disturbance.