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DRONE SCAN innovative inventory technology provides robotic scanning and data acquisition in a forklift-based payload the barcode scanner, or other data collection devices (up to 5 can be used for faster scanning) are mounted on the forklift.



      • The barcode scanner, or other data collection devices (up to 5 can be used for faster scanning) are mounted on the forklift.
      • The driver stays safely on the ground and drives the scanner(s) up to the pallets, while watching a live video feed of the scanning process and interacting with the user-friendly scanning software.
      • By using IoT technology like lidars, the system can detect if there is a pallet missing, how high the pallet is, and automatically selects the correct bin location.
      • In sub-zero Celsius warehouses, clients have reported a tenfold increase in operator efficiency.
      • Clients enjoy the simple training for operators and the speedy impact on warehouse efficiency, using their existing forklift equipment.

         The DroneScan Buffalo equipment consists of four robotic barcode scanners for conventional barcode scanning and a pallet counting sensor for counting pallets in multi-deep (“flow rack” or “shuttle rack”) storage. The Buffalo unit is portable, and requires no fixed installation, it is easy to use and takes just seconds to install and start scanning.

“DroneScan have impressed us with the ease of use of their solution and the speed and enthusiasm with which they have turned around incremental innovations.”

- Project Manager, A large FMCG multinational

      • Simple, robust system that attaches to existing MHE
      • Uses only one person to operate
      • No people at height and no cage required
      • Proven operational use of 300 bin positions/hour/staff
      • Easy to use with little training required
      • Reduced impact to the environment

      • Maximum Barcode Scanning Speed (best possible barcode quality) : One barcode scan every 2 seconds
      • Typical Scanning Speed : One barcode scan every 10 seconds
      • Target Scanning Speed : One barcode scan every 5 seconds
      • Optimal Barcode Scanning Distance : 30cm – 90cm
      • To Scan/Section of 4 Racks with 10 Pallet Positions : 7 minutes
        In comparison, traditional forklift and hand held scanner to scan 4 racks with 10 pallet positions: 80 “man” minutes
      • Battery Life (12Ah Battery) : 6 hours / or powered by forklift
      • Dimensions : 90cm long x 54cm wide x 32cm high
      • Maximum Width of Warehouse : No maximum
      • Maximum Height : 25m
      • Minimum Pallet Position Width : 50cm